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U Pick Satsuma Oranges Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (1).png

1 Week ONLY
Nov 6 - 11, 2023

Our U-Pick Satsuma Orange Grove is just a short walk from our market.  Make sure you check in with the cashier before entering the grove.  You will be provided with a bucket and clippers.  Once you have picked all of the fruit you want to purchase, return your bucket and clippers to the cashier to your fruit. There is no minimum purchase, so pick as many or as little as you want.

What are Satsumas

Satsumas are a variety of mandarin orange.  They are sweet, have very few seeds and are easy to peel. 


Satsumas are harvested once a year.  Our season is usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Satsumas can be eaten in a variety of ways such as: freshly picked and peeled,  fresh squeezed juice, syrup, jams and jelly, wine and vinegar. Their peel can also be used to add flavor to food or beverages.


Store your fresh fruit in a cool, dry place.


Juice can be frozen to keep longer!


Please wash your Satsumas with a bleach water solution prior to consuming.


Please be aware that this is a real working farm.  Please stay alert and do not enter areas beyond the satsuma orchard.


-Please wash hands before and after picking.


-Please park in the designated parking lot. Vehicles are NOT allowed in the orchard


-Pets are not allowed in the orchard.


-All fruit cut from trees belongs to you and must be placed in the bucket for purchase.  Pick only what you plan to purchase.


-DO NOT pull fruit from trees by hand without clipping the stem first, If you do not clip the stem, part of the peel will come off and your fruit will dry out.


-Do not eat fruit in the grove.  Samples of Satsumas are available at the cashier.


-When picking, only clip the stem near each fruit, do not clip the branch.


Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.


-Schedule subject to change pending weather and availability.


-The play area is closed at this time.


-See Cashier to weigh and purchase your fruit.

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